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Grand Tour

The town was indeed silent.
Johnny had been cruising down the streets of Silent Hill for over a half hour, without
seeing a single soul. He was growing increasingly frustrated, as he needed directions to the Lakeview Hotel. He'd circled each block, aimlessly, passing seemingly identical buildings, alleys, and houses, without any progress. If nothing else, he at least would get a feel for the labyrinth-like maze that the town was.
As he turned onto Bachman Drive for the fifth time, he saw a dark figure, slowly shuffling down the sidewalk. Feeling relieved, Johnny stepped on the brakes, pulling over."Excuse me, I'm a bit lost, can you help me find the Lakeview Hotel?"
The figure stopped, and turned slowly towards Johnny. An old man, maybe in his late 60's. He was wearing a long, black overcoat, and a rather small bowler cap, that made him look quite peculiar.
"Take a right at the next stop light, then a left on Nathan Avenue. It's a mile or two past the Historical Society, on your right."
The man spoke with a gravelly voice.
"Thanks." Johnny replied, starting to drift off.
"New in town?"
The man spoke quickly, with an almost authoritative tone in his voice, that made Johnny stop abruptly.
"Yes...I'm, uh, looking for a job. Heard about this place through the grapevine."
The man dipped his finger into a small carton he was holding--Johnny recognized it as a Chinese take-out box. He slowly wrapped a noodle around his finger, and then noisily slurped it in one gulp.
"Well, good luck, son."
Ending on that note, he walked away. Johnny watched him for a moment, and then drove off.
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