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Rules have been updated.
The information page has been over hauled.

Last question--
should we delete all past posts and remove dormant members?

This game may also be mirrored on GJ should I have the time/ability to do so. Please make sure to join brookhaven__ooc! :3

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hmm...I kinda liked where I was going with my story...oh well reset if you must you'll hear no complaint from me. and yes dormant members should be deleted. There should be a rule..."if you do not update within 30 days of your post, or become a road block for other players, you will be ELIMANATED"
If you really don't want it deleted, that is alright. Everyone should be able to keep their stories. It would be rude of me to just nix them all and expect everyone to be honky dory.

Grease stain on the pavement? Yes, that sounds fitting. But I will go and remove peole who haven't posted in 30 days or longer at the end of this week (give them a chance to say something, anything).