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The first thing he noticed was the cold grit against his face. He moved a bit, only grinding the broken glass harder into his eyebrow. He winced (which only made it worse) and arose, gathered himself, and looked and let his vision come to. The light was different it was no longer red or rustic looking. It was a pale pale color...not even a color...shapes became form and form became reality. From the looks of things he was in an old alley somewhere in the thicket of town. "what the fu--ow!" He again noticed the broken glass in his brow. He carefully plucked it out. Blood murked his vision.

Payton wiped his eye trying to relieve the stinging. He slowly got up and wandered down the alley.

Thoughts raced through his mind. What was that things he saw? How did he get here, so far away from home when he had only been in his room. (or was it?) Had he done something outragiously outlandish? Say Get drunk some how and wind up here? Out of the question but possible. Anything seemed possible now...

Payton was in an alley, so he couldn't see the nearest street or see anyone. So he had no clue why there was no sound. The silence was so deep It was like he was deaf and he could only hear himslef speak. Nothing made a sound. He could not shrug off the feeling of alienation. He knew this town...however he could not help but feel in danger as though nothing was safe anymore. He collected himself and focused...

Pipes jutted from here and there and there were locked gates in odd places where was he? Graffiti was scattered along the walls. Mindless sayings and the occasional "(__insert name__) was here" some in particular caught his eye.

"Snakes die, reeds decay, such is the will of god."

"weird...some how this seems familar..."

He finally came to a clearing in the alley. It was a wooded area that was densley lined with trees.

"This must be Howe parkway...If I follow these trails it will eventualy lead to Ashfield. Maybe Aunt Neve could help me..."

Payton has some relatives that live in Ashfield. He had also played in Howe Park as a boy so he knew the area pretty well. Besides, taking atrip to Ashfield seemed much better that crossing town to go home. Maybe his aunt would know what was going on. No matter...He paused and stood still. Distant thunder bromke the deaf silence. As soft as it was he could really feel it's depth because it was the only sound around besides himself. Than he heard a screech of a distant gate in the alley behind him. The ominous dark woods seemed so much more safer now. He turned stummbled into the woods.
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