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12:02pm 26/02/2005
  Fern Nuerda BioCollapse )  
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Joseph "King" Crown 
02:15am 23/08/2004
  He was born in Silent Hill. His parents told him they had moved because of work. He knew better. He may have been young but a child knows what he hears and when his family heard of the murders they moved to Ashfeild where he grew up and then moved out and then met his friends and then got the nickname "King", and so on and so on... Joseph Crown was and still is a punk. He has his tattoos to remind him. Tribal up his left arm and NIN on the back of his neck. He was always one of those angry guys till a girl soothed his soul. She made him happy, for a few months. Happiest time of his life he'd say. Too bad she left him all alone. He still clung to her. Keeping her letters and wishing she'd come back. No one knew this of course, that's because he wouldn't let them. He distanced himself from his friends till he was all alone in his apartment. No music blaring as was normal and no TV playing. Just him looking into it's dark blank screen. He was a mess and he was tired. He drank a few more beers and passed out. That's when the dreams started. The room was full of iorn grating and just ahead behind a fan that spun so fast there was no way He could get past it was her. Jane. Tied up and hung in some sort of steel rigging while a red pyramid headed creature tortured her. There was nothing Joseph "King" Crown could do. He awoke in a cold sweat. This repeated and each time Jane's condition worsened. This dream was all to real. There had to be something about it but where? That's when it came to him. She had been screaming and he hadn't listened. She was in Silent Hill. She wished she had never gone there. Never run away from him. Joseph had to go there. He had to protect her. So he drove to that Silent little town he'd been born in before moving to Ashfield supposedly because of the murders.  
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01:28am 08/07/2004
mood: calm
Friday marks the last day for people to speak up.
If you want to remain in the game SAY SOMETHING. Otherwise you will be removed and will have to go through the application process--the IC community will be closed to new members, and all new members will have to apply at brookhaven__ooc.

Since I haven't heard any in the way of complaints about purging the IC community, that will be done this weekend. So if you have posts you would like to keep, please find a way to do so.

Hopefully the game will be up MONDAY.
ALL members need to join the OOC--that will be the last time I'll say it. ^_^;

Thank you,
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06:43pm 03/07/2004
mood: awake
Rules have been updated.
The information page has been over hauled.

Last question--
should we delete all past posts and remove dormant members?

This game may also be mirrored on GJ should I have the time/ability to do so. Please make sure to join brookhaven__ooc! :3

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(OOC) Kicking real life in the pants 
03:11am 27/06/2004
mood: crazy
Okay, I'm back.

1)I moved
2)I lost computer access
3)My health is a lot better now, thank you.

And now to the meat of the situation--
how to make this game work out, the last thing I want to do is close it down.
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Thank you for your patience,
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05:23am 24/06/2004
mood: cold
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03:24am 23/06/2004
mood: bitchy
c'mon guys. don't tell me that me and autocaust are the only ones left. we're working on a thread on my last entry, easier than making new posts every time.

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family values, and other obscure titles 
08:51am 07/06/2004
  kath looks around at the sound she thought had been a voice. she sat perfectly still thinking she may have perfectly lost her mind

"is anyone there?"

she felt like a wide eyed child staring at an imaginary fright. she had wished the woman's voice was real.
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12:02pm 29/05/2004
  alex walked down the street. she had shoved the small unnamed key deep into her pocket, trying to forget about it. but with every step she took, she could feel the metal hopping and hitting her, constantly reminding her of it's unwelcome presence. her mind mulled over all sorts of things. ideas...unpleasant ideas...had begun to come so easily. would she ever get out of here? when would she see another person? was she going to die in this place?
she stopped and took her head in her hands, shaking it. the last thing she needed was to have a mental breakdown here. she took a few deep breaths and began walking down the lonely street again, passing up nothing but empty stores and manhole covers.
that fog had come rolling in again. this time, it was thicker than ever. alex squinted to see what was in front of her -- she didn't want to run into anything...god knows what was hanging around this place. approaching the end of the street, she saw the outline of something on a nearby bench. at least, she thought she did. she looked around, and picked up a metal pole that was sticking out of the ground. arming it like a baseball bat, she quietly spoke.
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our town 
09:53pm 28/05/2004
  Kath sat quietly on the bench. she'd been here for a month now. food rotted and canned goods dissappeared from shelves. there were others in the city, she had to find someone. she had seen her last fellow human just a few weeks ago, and already missed her severely. she sat quietly, gun in hand and smelling used. she shot "it" a few times then let it crawl away. she sat badly shaken, wondering if the thing was okay.  
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Are you in or out? 
01:44am 03/04/2004
  The lobby was nearly empty, when Johnny arrived at the hotel. There were no other guests milling around, no bellboys, not even a clerk at the registration desk. It was just as empty as the rest of the damn town. He felt almost dumb, standing in the middle of the room, holding his duffle bag. For a moment, he even considered leaving, and getting a room at the small inn he had passed on the way.
As if on cue, a man stood - - appeared behind the desk. He was short and stocky, with a round, doughy face.
"May I help you?"
His voice was friendly, even effervescent. Johnny couldnt help but feel chilled by it.
"I'd like a room, please. One with a window-view, if possible."
The man smiled.
"May I take your name, sir?"
"Johnny DiVincenzo."
The man nodded, and thought for a moment.
"Hmm...That would be 205! There we are!"
The man plucked a key from the wall behind him, and handed it to him.
"We kept your room ready for you, Mr. DiVincenzo!"
"Excuse me?" Johnny asked, puzzled.
"The one thats been reserved for you."
Johnny frowned.
"Oh, there must be some mistake, I only just heard of this hotel when I saw an advertisement for it on the way into town."
The mans face darkened. His smile changed to a scowl.
There has been no mistake."
The friendly voice had changed to a bitter, scraping town.
"Room 205. Dial the phone if you need anything."
And before Johnny could say anything else, the man quickly turned, and stormed out of the room through a door adjacent to the entrance.
He picked up his bag, and started for the elevator. At least he wouldnt have to tip anybody.

The room was quite large, much larger than what Johnny was accustomed to. After sleeping on a small wooden cot, surrounded by twelve other marines, each snoring, passing wind, talking about girls they had fucked with great vigor, just about anything would've been adequate. Johnny had locked his door, to avoid any confrontation with the clerk. He couldnt help but find it odd - - not only the sudden attitude swing the clerk had, but also the informality. The clerk hadnt asked for Johnny's signature, amount of time he was staying, or even for the rooms rent. He began to worry, thinking that he'd get ripped off badly, losing his shirt on the first day to town.
He dismissed the thoughts. Whatever happens happens.
Johnny sat down on the bed, and kicked his shoes off. A nap was in due order, after the long drive. Lying down, and pulling the sheets over himself, he decided that after he woke up, he'd get something to eat, and start his search for a job. Right before he dozed off, he cursed himself for not buying a newspaper.

They were on fire.
The village burned, and shook, and screamed as napalm struck it.
Bullets were flying everywhere, indiscriminately burying into any chunk of matter that had flesh.
Captain Lundegaard was barking orders, pissing in to the wind as the rattle of AK-47s and M16s drowned each word out.
Johnny stood in the middle of it all. His rifle dormant, his grenade untouched. A lost child, in the center of the market, with nobody to hold his hand.
Then it all disappeared.
The heat from the napalm, the stench of shit and vomit, the dry taste of spittle.
He found himself in the middle of a river. The water was ice-cold, but it felt soothing at the same time.
Trees lined the shore, stretching higher than he could see, obscuring the clouds. Everything was completely silent. So silent, it was almost loud, whatever that meant.
There was nobody else around.
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05:30pm 25/03/2004
  "..thank you anyway..." alex said as she backed up towards the door. she quickly opened and shut the flimsy screen door and headed back down the street, hugging her jacket closer.
the phone. how...why..why did it...i don't even want to know. i just...don't.
she put her hands into the deep pockets of her jacket, and a large lump knotted up in her throat.
"you might want to let the others know that you have that in your pocket, alex."
she pulled out a small, rusted key. it had no label, and it definetly didn't belong in her pocket.

(ooc - feel free to reply. we need to get this party started...)
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02:20am 25/03/2004
mood: apathetic
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The Arival 
10:31pm 23/03/2004
mood: creative
Payton's ArivalCollapse )
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04:09pm 23/03/2004
  i think...we all died?  
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Grand Tour 
11:41pm 01/03/2004
  The town was indeed silent.
Johnny had been cruising down the streets of Silent Hill for over a half hour, without
seeing a single soul. He was growing increasingly frustrated, as he needed directions to the Lakeview Hotel. He'd circled each block, aimlessly, passing seemingly identical buildings, alleys, and houses, without any progress. If nothing else, he at least would get a feel for the labyrinth-like maze that the town was.
As he turned onto Bachman Drive for the fifth time, he saw a dark figure, slowly shuffling down the sidewalk. Feeling relieved, Johnny stepped on the brakes, pulling over."Excuse me, I'm a bit lost, can you help me find the Lakeview Hotel?"
The figure stopped, and turned slowly towards Johnny. An old man, maybe in his late 60's. He was wearing a long, black overcoat, and a rather small bowler cap, that made him look quite peculiar.
"Take a right at the next stop light, then a left on Nathan Avenue. It's a mile or two past the Historical Society, on your right."
The man spoke with a gravelly voice.
"Thanks." Johnny replied, starting to drift off.
"New in town?"
The man spoke quickly, with an almost authoritative tone in his voice, that made Johnny stop abruptly.
"Yes...I'm, uh, looking for a job. Heard about this place through the grapevine."
The man dipped his finger into a small carton he was holding--Johnny recognized it as a Chinese take-out box. He slowly wrapped a noodle around his finger, and then noisily slurped it in one gulp.
"Well, good luck, son."
Ending on that note, he walked away. Johnny watched him for a moment, and then drove off.
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The Instigator 
11:53pm 29/02/2004
  Johnny stood in front of the Oldsmobile, squinting at the poorly constructed tourist map; cheap paper and ink, bound by a few staples. He had pulled over just a few minutes ago, certain that hed taken a wrong turn along the way. Silent Hill was barely a dot on the map; Johnny assumed it was a small hamlet, with a few farms, a general store, and maybe a roller rink. Yet he stood at the city limits of a town just short of a universe. It towered, almost menacingly over Johnny, stretching wider and farther than he could see. There was a sign that was tilted sharply backwards to the point where its words were not visible. Johnny walked over, and read the name out loud.
Silent Hill
He felt a dull sense of surprise. There was no Nicest Town Around, Hope Youll Stay A While!, or even a simple Welcome. The sign was as bland as he felt. After a brief moment of hesitation, he got back into his car, and followed the path into town, to where he hoped to find greener pastures.
The tourist map laid beside the sign, forgotten and left behind.
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Character bio 
02:44pm 29/02/2004
  Name: Johnny
Age: 28
Occupation: Unemployed

Johnny has come to Silent Hill to start his life over. A war veteran, Johnny was one of the first American troops to be sent over to Vietnam, in the late 50's. After five years of gut-wrenching terror, he managed to come back home with all limbs intact, and enough of his sanity to resign himself as an ordinary civilian. Johnny hopes to find a steady job and ultimately settle down in Silent Hill.
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fate fore seen 
09:45am 27/02/2004
  kath walked through the city. her head low. hands in pocket. she felt withered. tired of no one.

she dragged against a brick wall with eyes closed. she let her large sensitive lips brush the cold wall. taste of dust. her old leather coat gathered age in it's wrinkles. pretended the wall to be a man. combing her face with his lovely ice hand.

her eyes opened for a second when her body felt a sharp turn. another wall intersected hers and it cut before her. someone had painted on it. she could smell the spray. she recognized the hand, but this looked less styled than she knew.

scrawled, in a frenzy:


blood had scattered at the end of the half sprayed c.
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04:15pm 23/02/2004
  the man led alex into his house and handed her the phone. she graciously accepted, and shook her head politely when asked if she wanted anything else. she hit the talk button with her thumb and put the receiver to her ear.
10 seconds later, she placed it down on the table, slowly, eyes wide and face pale. she looked at the man, who was across the room, and then back to the phone.
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