NO (johnnytower321) wrote in brookhaven,

The Instigator

Johnny stood in front of the Oldsmobile, squinting at the poorly constructed tourist map; cheap paper and ink, bound by a few staples. He had pulled over just a few minutes ago, certain that hed taken a wrong turn along the way. Silent Hill was barely a dot on the map; Johnny assumed it was a small hamlet, with a few farms, a general store, and maybe a roller rink. Yet he stood at the city limits of a town just short of a universe. It towered, almost menacingly over Johnny, stretching wider and farther than he could see. There was a sign that was tilted sharply backwards to the point where its words were not visible. Johnny walked over, and read the name out loud.
Silent Hill
He felt a dull sense of surprise. There was no Nicest Town Around, Hope Youll Stay A While!, or even a simple Welcome. The sign was as bland as he felt. After a brief moment of hesitation, he got back into his car, and followed the path into town, to where he hoped to find greener pastures.
The tourist map laid beside the sign, forgotten and left behind.
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