josephcrown (josephcrown) wrote in brookhaven,

Joseph "King" Crown

He was born in Silent Hill. His parents told him they had moved because of work. He knew better. He may have been young but a child knows what he hears and when his family heard of the murders they moved to Ashfeild where he grew up and then moved out and then met his friends and then got the nickname "King", and so on and so on... Joseph Crown was and still is a punk. He has his tattoos to remind him. Tribal up his left arm and NIN on the back of his neck. He was always one of those angry guys till a girl soothed his soul. She made him happy, for a few months. Happiest time of his life he'd say. Too bad she left him all alone. He still clung to her. Keeping her letters and wishing she'd come back. No one knew this of course, that's because he wouldn't let them. He distanced himself from his friends till he was all alone in his apartment. No music blaring as was normal and no TV playing. Just him looking into it's dark blank screen. He was a mess and he was tired. He drank a few more beers and passed out. That's when the dreams started. The room was full of iorn grating and just ahead behind a fan that spun so fast there was no way He could get past it was her. Jane. Tied up and hung in some sort of steel rigging while a red pyramid headed creature tortured her. There was nothing Joseph "King" Crown could do. He awoke in a cold sweat. This repeated and each time Jane's condition worsened. This dream was all to real. There had to be something about it but where? That's when it came to him. She had been screaming and he hadn't listened. She was in Silent Hill. She wished she had never gone there. Never run away from him. Joseph had to go there. He had to protect her. So he drove to that Silent little town he'd been born in before moving to Ashfield supposedly because of the murders.
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