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(OOC) Kicking real life in the pants

Okay, I'm back.

1)I moved
2)I lost computer access
3)My health is a lot better now, thank you.

And now to the meat of the situation--
how to make this game work out, the last thing I want to do is close it down.

1)Should I make an OOC community?
Yes or no

2)Should this game even remain on Livejournal?
Yes or No (I personally do not like livejournal, I'm over on Greatest Journal now)

3) Should there be a revision to the rules?
Yes or no

4)What would like you to see in the game?

5)What would you want removed from the game?

6)Should characters from the games be up for grabs?

7)What do you think the place of the Game Master is?
(Me, the person in charge of the game.)

8)Should the game be restarted?

9)Is there some way I could promote character interaction?

I apologize for both of our negligence. In my absence he was the intended over all mod for the game--either he forgot or decided not to take my place.

I am opening the doors for one more mod to take the place of one long gone. Please contact me if interested.

3)Story Lines
If you would like to suggest and over arching story line, please let me know, I am open to suggestions.

They will start flooding Silent Hill, oh yes they will. A number of them can just be killed, others...well..lets just say you'll get to know them very well.

What I have seen
We have/had some honestly wonderful characters and a lot of beautiful writing. The problem was the situation. The threads went willy nilly because everyone was starting a new thread. Apart we are all a bunch of talented writers, together--we will be a group of talented story tellers rather than just role players. In short, this is everyone's hell and we should get more involved with one another. I'm seeing a lot of good posts with no responces or comments out there..

[Start Rant]Livejournal has been such an assnuget to me since I got back--I can't log in, I can't get to the admin console...just augh. My 2 cents is that I haven't had trouble with greatest journal and it really is a good set up for role players. [End rant]

Put in your two cents, our lines are open and we like to make change.

Thank you for your patience,
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