with my elbows dripping red (thebitterseason) wrote in brookhaven,
with my elbows dripping red

alex walked down the street. she had shoved the small unnamed key deep into her pocket, trying to forget about it. but with every step she took, she could feel the metal hopping and hitting her, constantly reminding her of it's unwelcome presence. her mind mulled over all sorts of things. ideas...unpleasant ideas...had begun to come so easily. would she ever get out of here? when would she see another person? was she going to die in this place?
she stopped and took her head in her hands, shaking it. the last thing she needed was to have a mental breakdown here. she took a few deep breaths and began walking down the lonely street again, passing up nothing but empty stores and manhole covers.
that fog had come rolling in again. this time, it was thicker than ever. alex squinted to see what was in front of her -- she didn't want to run into anything...god knows what was hanging around this place. approaching the end of the street, she saw the outline of something on a nearby bench. at least, she thought she did. she looked around, and picked up a metal pole that was sticking out of the ground. arming it like a baseball bat, she quietly spoke.
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