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The Arival

Payton rose from his bed confused and feeling odd. Some how his once confortable room felt alien and wierd. It was the feeling you get when you wander into a room of a house that you really should be in when visiting strangers.

He didn't like it.

There was a smell that permated the air of somthing old and decaying. Somthing long dead. It seemed to be coming from outside his "room". He went to investigate.


He opened to the door to the hall, and looked around. "Where am I? this isn't my house..." He was quite right. He was no longer in his where was he?

The door opened to a long hall leading into blackness. Windows lined the right most wall and emminated that mysterious red glow that came from his windows, only it was low so he couldn't see much at all. He heard a breath come from down the hall.


Payton froze, his viens instant ice...The breath was low and rattled as if it was bubbling rubber. It sounded labored and sick. "What in the..." Payton prowled down the hall wondering if the "Owner" of the house was just in the blackness waiting for him. "Why am I doing this? you know that whatever is down this hall wont be fact it probably won't be Happy to see's possible that I-"
The last thing payton Saw was this:

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